About Us

Matt Shuter & Associates (MSA) is a Sydney based team of expert Building Code Consultants, Access Consultants and Building Certifiers.

Our clients are typically architects, government organisations, engineers, property developers, builders and project managers.

We specialise in public sector development and medium to large scale private development.

Dedicate. Decipher. Deliver

It’s these three concepts that drive our approach and ensures our company will always have a positive impact on our clients, our projects and the community.

Dedicate – At MSA, we love what we do. We’re proud of our knowledge and experience, and this reflects in our proactive dedicated approach.

Decipher – Building regulations are intricate and confusing to many. This makes it difficult for even the most diligent of our clients to be aware of all their obligations. We’ve spent years understanding these regulations allowing us to decipher and explain these requirements in a timely and easy-to-understand manner.

Deliver – We see ourselves as both problem-solvers and communicators and consider these two skills essential to the delivery of our services. Our clients need to know their options and want to clearly understand the benefits or implications of those options. We focus on delivering just that.

It’s this overall philosophy that often turns our first time clients into lifetime clients.